Omar Chennafi

I began my journey as a photographer in 2007. Over the years, photography has inspired me to observe my environment and the world at large from multiple perspectives my work has already been selected and featured in the Time Magazine and the Huffington Post, and I has been chosen as the official photographer of the international and prestigious Sacred Music Festival of Fez. This led me to develop a deep interest in engaging with my local communities and involving them in cultural programs. In 2012, I began working as a  cultural manager, which expanded to the role of a curator—my areas of expertise span both the visual and performing arts. Since then I have been implementing various programs and projects, including educational workshops,  festivals, and cultural exchanges, among others, between several institutions with artists worldwide. My experience enabled me to encounter numerous cultures,  work in different settings, and operate in hybrid spaces that transcend borders. 

My work seeks to create a synergy between diverse cultural entities and develop unique forms of cultural collaboration bridging traditional and contemporary art in Morocco.

Im the founder : The International Artists Gathering of Fez and Fez Art Lab.


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